APG Dual Fuel Gliders™

The editors of "Heavy Duty Trucking" magazine say the APG Dual Fuel Glider™ is one of the most exciting Dual Fuel trucks on the road!

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A glider kit is typically a new Class 8 model year cab and frame with rebuilt power train components to replace a wrecked or badly worn vehicle. The kit comes in several cab configurations, including day, mid-roof sleeper and raised-roof sleeper cabs.


A glider kit can help save money throughout its lifecycle, beginning with an acquisition cost that is significantly less than a new truck. Additionally, qualified glider kit purchases in the U.S. may also be eligible for Federal Excise Tax (FET) savings.


An APG Dual Fuel system can be added to a wide array of glider kits. APG

Dual Fuel Gliders™ can be equipped with many desirable options. To understand all of your options, check with your local glider kit dealer or call APG’s Hotline for assistance.

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Don’t let financing be an obstacle when purchasing your new truck.

APG and its partner WheelTime Network Dealers offer a number of financing options.


APG has partnered with VFG Energy Leasing & Finance to provide several affordable and flexible lease and financing options. See positive cash flow and an increase in take-home income the first month after adding an APG Dual Fuel Glider™ to your fleet!


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Benefits of APG’s Dual Fuel Glider™

  • No loss of power or torque
  • Significant savings over the purchase of a new truck
  • Choose from day cabs or mid-and raised-roof sleeper cabs
  • Maintain competitive advantage and secure lucrative back-haul routes
  • No high-temp parts or specialized maintenance
  • Easily transfer your APG Dual Fuel Technology to your next vehicle
  • Monthly fuel savings up to $2,000 or up to $0.25 per mile
  • Reduce emissions and meet corporate sustainability goals and objectives
  • Eliminate DEF and SCR regen expense
  • Glider packages typically weigh about 1,000 lbs less than a new Class 8 diesel truck due to the absence of certain treatment technologies

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American Power Group's Glider.

EPA Approvals for Dual Fuel Gliders

With a diverse mix of EPA approvals and compliances, APG’s Dual Fuel Technology will optimize performance, reduce fuel costs and is routinely installed on engines from Detroit Reman, Cat® Reman, Cummins ReCon®, and many third-party engines rebuilt to OEM specs.


APG maintains over 500 EPA approvals, which are based on age and engine family numbers.  Click to see the full list.


Popular Glider Engines Re-built to OEM Specs

• CAT® Reman

• Cummins ReCon®

• Detroit Reman

• Third Party Engines Rebuilt to OEM specs

Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel Conversions





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