Customer Benefits

No other Dual Fuel System delivers a lifetime of savings with this much freedom of choice at the lowest total cost of ownership.

American Power Group’s Dual Fuel Technology allows diesel engine owners to experience substantial fuel savings while retaining their diesel power requirements and torque performance – all with the option of returning to base diesel engine operation at any time.


No other Dual Fuel Conversion delivers the operational, environmental and economic paybacks.

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Stacked coins illustrating economic savings.
Green globe illustrating environmental benefits

• No Loss of Power and Torque

• Multiple Natural Gas Options

• No Range Anxiety

• No Specialized Maintenance


• Lowest Cost of Operation

• Reduce Your Annual Fuel Cost

• Control Your Fuel Budget


• Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

• Meet Corporate Sustainability Goals

• Utilize Domestic Fuel Sources

Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel Conversions





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