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APG offers Dual Fuel Conversions for 50kW to 12MW diesel generators, delivering uninterrupted power and unmatched savings!

The S4000 Dual Fuel System will cut operating costs, reduce emissions and harness the potential of alternative energy sources.



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Primary Power

Emergency Back-Up Power

Peak Shaving

Dual Fuel Applications improve the environment. Reduce your diesel usage and greenhouse gas emissions with APG’s innovative solutions!

• Utilize APG’s Dual Fuel Technology when electric rates are highest and save thousands of dollars per month

• Power hospitals, data centers and even warehouses containing perishable goods during natural disasters or anytime when diesel fuel is not readily available

• Seamless transition between fuel sources

• Count on uninterrupted power where electrical grids may be unreliable

• Minimize operation expenses with low-cost natural gas

• Never rely on one fuel source again

• Reduce emissions without the purchase of a new generator


APG’s Stationary Conversion Technology can be installed on a broad array of domestic and international platforms from some of the most recognized diesel engine manufacturers in the world today. See who uses our technology.

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Benefits of APG’s S4000 Stationary Dual Fuel Systems

• No loss of power or torque; power electricity-generation engines up to 12MW

• Annual fuel savings between 20% and 40%

• Applications include primary power, emergency back-up power and peak shaving

• Utilize multiple fuel options – conditioned wellhead, pipeline, liquid (LNG) or compressed (CNG) natural gas sources

• Reduce fuel costs with average diesel displacement between 40% and 55%, and peak displacement up to 75%

• No modification to base diesel engine – return to 100% diesel at anytime

• No high-temp parts or specialized maintenance

• Compliant with EPA emission standards

• Reduce emissions and meet corporate sustainability goals and objectives

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ECU-Driven Conversion Technology benefits download the brochure today.

Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel Conversions





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