APG, the global leader in the design, development and installation of Dual Fuel Technology, is proud to partner with some of the most recognizable names using diesel and Dual Fuel Applications in the market today.

Vehicular Testimonials

“ We conducted extensive due diligence and determined APG was the global leader in non-invasive Dual Fuel conversion technology.  In our view, the APG Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel System provides the best overall customer value when it comes to diesel-like performance characteristics and the lowest total cost of ownership.”

Mike Delaney – President & CEO, WheelTime Network LLC


“For the life of me, I don’t understand why everyone isn’t trying this, because the numbers work.”

Brian Orr – President, Stewart Logistics, a FedEx Ground contractor


“From the ground and behind the wheel, you’d think this Freightliner Columbia is brand new. It rode, shifted and ran like new, and was just as comfortable….. I’ll bet this is far from the last Dual Fuel glider–kitted truck I’ll see or hear about.”

Tom Berg – Senior Editor "Heavy Duty Trucking" – Excerpts From February 2014 Article – "A Ride & Drive with APG’s System"


“The Dual Fuel system delivered in spades; the glider kit pulled as well as any truck on the highway. The truck was loaded with about 44,000 pounds in the box and had no problem dealing with grades. This is clearly a system that works on the driver’s behalf to get the job done.  I was impressed enough with the dual fuel glider kit to ask a couple of APG customers to talk about their experiences at the CCJ Fall Symposium in December in Scottsdale, Ariz.”

Jack Roberts – CCJ Executive Editor – "Commercial Carrier Journal" – Excerpt From April 2014 Article –  "A Ride & Drive with APG’s System"


“The customer loves the combination of the lightweight APG glider and the ease of maintenance. Their mechanics like the Dual Fuel trucks because they are more familiar and easier to work on.  No high temp oils or changes in their maintenance requirements.  Their drivers also comment the APG gliders have more power than the dedicated natural gas trucks.  We believe these are the key reasons they have ordered more Dual Fuel gliders than dedicated natural gas trucks."

Chad Marti – Regional Sales Manager – Clarke Power Services, Inc.


Stationary Testimonials

APG’s Stationary Conversion Technology can be installed on a broad array of domestic and international platforms from some of the most recognized top oil and gas companies in the world today.



Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel Conversions





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