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American Power Group, Inc. (APG) is your trusted partner for advanced Dual Fuel Technology solutions that deliver cleaner, more efficient power – sustainably and with fewer emissions.

At APG, we provide cutting-edge technology that transforms diesel engines into dual fuel engines, allowing them to operate on both diesel and several secondary fuel choices. Our patented, aftermarket upgrade systems enable engines to operate on diesel fuel and natural gas simultaneously with a seamless transition back to diesel-only operation should the natural gas supply be depleted. This mode of operation results in significant savings, extended engine life and the flexibility to return to base engine operation at any time … all without compromising power and torque.

Applications for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines:

  • Over-the-road Fleets
  • Return-to-base Fleets
  • Oil and Gas – Drilling & Fracturing Operations
  • Stationary Power Generation
  • Emergency Backup Generators
  • Data Centers
  • Distributed Power Generation

The flexibility to mix fuels allows owners the option of choosing low-carbon, carbon-neutral or carbon-negative fuel combinations that can significantly improve the environmental, social and corporate Governance (ESG) benchmarks, reduce emissions and save on overhead.

Our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of dual fuel conversion systems is unparalleled, with decades of experience in the industry and thousands of conversions in use globally – on and off the road. APG works closely with both regulators and our customers to understand their unique needs and deliver customized solutions that meet the specific requirements for their business/industry.

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