Dual Fuel Solutions for

Oil & Gas Applications

APG’s Dual Fuel Technology offers the oil and gas industry greater flexibility in choosing the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel for their drilling rig and high-pressure pump operations. This flexibility can be particularly useful for remote locations where fuel availability may be limited. Dual fuel engines can provide increased reliability and redundancy for power generation in oil and gas operations. The ability to switch between diesel-only and dual fuel mode can help ensure that engines continue to operate even if the secondary fuel is not available.

Oil Rig Economics

The oil and gas industry can benefit greatly from using dual fuel engines, which can offer savings on fuel costs, reduced emissions, increased flexibility and improved reliability.

APG’s Stationary Conversion Technology is installed on a broad array of domestic and international platforms from some of the most recognized top oil and gas companies in the world today logging millions of dual-fueled run-time hours.

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