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One of the most strategic moves fleet owners can make is converting existing diesel engines to American Power Group’s Dual Fuel Technology. Save money on fuel – even hedge against future diesel costs – meet your environmental goals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extend engine life and optimize performance without any loss of the power and torque you need.

Operations Manager

Numbers don’t lie! APG can show you how quickly the investment pays for itself. Start with a fleet and cost analysis today, and we’ll show you the numbers.

Fleet and Cost Analysis

A thorough cost and fleet analysis that reviews your specific application, the availability and cost of fuels and expected usage patterns will illustrate the benefits of APG’s Dual Fuel Technology. We are here to help.

The comprehensive analysis will look at several factors.

  1. Fuel cost savings: One of the most significant factors in determining the value is the expected cost savings from using alternative fuel(s). Your analysis will compare the cost of diesel fuel with the cost of the secondary fuel(s) you plan to use.
  2. Fuel consumption: The amount of fuel consumed by the engine will affect the cost savings and the potential payback period for the conversion. The potential fuel consumption will be calculated for both original diesel fuel and dual fuel modes to determine the projected savings.
  3. Initial investment cost versus payback: The cost of the conversion can be a significant upfront expense. We will detail the full payback period for the investment, which is the time it takes for the fuel savings to offset the initial cost.

Complete and submit the questionnaire connected to your application below, and our team will be in touch.

A diesel - natural gas hybrid system installed a semi truck.

For Vehicular Applications

APG V6000 Dual Fuel Application Questionnaire

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A diesel - natural gas hybrid system installed a disel-electric power generator.

For Stationary Applications

APG S4000 Dual Fuel Application Questionnaire

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