Is the system approved through EPA and CARB?

Under the EPA Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle Engine Conversion Final Rule (April 2011), APG’s Dual Fuel System has received EPA approval on over 500 on-road engine families for 6 of the most popular OEM engine models and approvals on over 40 on-road engine families 2010 and newer. APG has also received CARB Executive Orders for select Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Volvo/Mack engine platforms. Additionally, APG has completed testing and is compliant under EPA Memo 1A emission guidelines for off-road applications for over 12 CAT, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and MTU engine models. Finally, APG is in the process of completing vehicular emission testing to receive additional EPA IUL approvals for near-new engine model years and additional CARB EO certifications to open more dual fuel markets in California. APG’s investment in emissions compliance assures the customer will not be subject to any EPA Clean Air Act or CARB anti-tampering violations.